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John Malkovich does it over again.

John Malkovich, one of my favorite fellow southern Illinoisans (I'm from Centralia, and he's from Benton.) has posed for recreations of several iconic photographs, a project by artist Sandro Miller. Here you go: http://edelmangallery.com/exhibitions-and-projects/exhibition-pages/2014/sandro-miller-malkovich,-malkovich,-malkovich-homage-to-photographic-masters.html

What's with the hats?

When, in modern country music history did it become standard for male performers to wear giant cowboy hats all the damned time? And was there a particular star who popularized the look? Decades ago, the cowboy-oriented stars like Ernest Tubb (see current userpic) wore them, but nearly all of those guys were from Texas, where cowboys really existed. Hank Williams, an Alabama native and star in the 1950s, was an exception with his big hats. I hate the cowboy hats.
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Is Live Journal censored for political reasons in Russia?

Are Live Journal posts censored for political reasons in Russia? Because Live Journal has been owned by a Russian company for the past several years, and because there have been been many stories in the news about violent oppression of journalists in that country, I am wondering how free people in Russia are to post in Live Journal about their political beliefs, especially if they express criticism of the Russian government.

For example, would this article from The Daily Beast be allowed in a Live Journal post by someone in Russia, or to be seen on Live Journal by someone in Russia?

Violent Assaults on Reporters in Russia Go Unpunished

MOSCOW, Russia — For a while it looked like just another day of reporting. The BBC television crew interviewed Konstantin Kuzmin’s family in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan about the last day they saw him at home. The correspondent, Steven Rosenberg, spoke with Kuzmin’s sister about her brother’s death fighting in Ukraine. She wondered who should be responsible for it, if Russian authorities denied sending the army to Ukraine.

A few hours later, after the journalists finished their lunch and were walking toward their car, three men wearing civilian clothes attacked the BBC cameraman, beat him up, grabbed the camera from the reporter’s hands, smashed it on the ground and quickly drove away with it. Read more...Collapse )

sniffing the blue mimeographed copies

I seem to be mostly recovered from an ass-kicking cold that began to knock me for a loop, early last week. It was in Friday's classes that I handed out photocopied material that I asked students to write about. It reminds me of my childhood in grade school, when sick teachers would give us mimeographed copies with blue ink that everyone loved to sniff. My voice is back, but I still break into a coughing fit if I try to talk more than a half-minute, so it's good those same three classes are in a computer classroom and I can have them continue working on those papers.
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Today in "Dracula"

I'm reading Bram Stoker's Dracula for the first time in decades and am greatly impressed. I had forgotten that it's all in the form of diaries, journals, letters and telegrams. On this date, Dr. Seward has telegraphed Van Helsing in Amsterdam, as Lucy has made a turn for the worse.
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Why I won't be covering the Ambrose Bierce story

A couple of weeks ago, I left The Vampire Archives on the floor, only to later hear a ripping noise coming from the next room. I got up to investigate and found stellathecat with her arm deep into the book, shreds of paper coming out in her claws. I yelled at her, but also grabbed my phone and took this picture of Stella, looking all innocent. Somehow, she managed to place her paw onto the first page of Ambrose Bierce's "The Death of Halpin Fraser" and insert her claw points through that story only, leaving all others intact. She's quite the critic.

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